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DRUM LOOPS HD 2 out now!!
Sequel to Drum Loops HD with new styles and new sounds !!



for info or questions: info@drumloopshd.com


DRUM LOOPS HD TRAILER (music production/songwriting):


DRUM LOOPS HD TRAILER 2 (play along/studying):


for info or questions: info@drumloopshd.com


drum loops




1. Any stop button will stop the current loop or fill.

2. All grooves loop automatically in the app, the number of bars copied to pasteboard is mentioned on the right side of the screen.

3. All loops, fills, crashes and ending drum fills have been mixed to stereo.



In order to create a fully featured drum part in a multitrack program on your iPad or iPhone just copy all loops and fills from one style and bpm to one or two tracks in your sequencer and move them around freely. Repeat one loop a number of times for verse, another one for chorus and another one for bridge and insert fills for glueing everything together. Then layer some crashes or cymbal rolls to complete your track! You will have a real played (and high end recorded) drummer playing on your track in no time!



1. If you want to add reverb to the snare hits in a loop, here's a simple but effective method: Make a loop track, copy the track, on the copied track cut out everything but the snare hits and send that track prefader to a bus with reverb inserted (fader to zero). Mix it in with the dry loop......adjust the reverb level with the reverb bus fader..... ........everything will remain dry and direct and the snare can be sent to any kind of reverb that way, just as you might want to do while mixing multitrack drums!

2. Should you want to experiment with sound a bit more, here's another great tip. Take a loop you want to use in your song and copy the modern version to one track and the vintage version to another, they will be in perfect sync. Then heavily compress the vintage loop and mix it with the uncompressed modern version......it's like adding compressed stereo room tracks with lots of character to the dry sound!

3. You are not into song production but want to practice timing on your instrument? Just start any loop in the app and play along, over speakers or headphone! The loops are cut to perfection and will stay steady forever.

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